About Us

For four generations, my family has supplied broth to executive chefs globally. It began with my great grandfather, continued through my grandfather, and then my dad, Jody, each passing down a tradition as rich as the broth itself. From the decadent taste to the nostalgic aroma that envelops every room, there's an undeniable comfort that our broths bring to the human soul.

In 2017, my dad decided to bring our family recipe to consumers, but not in the way that you would expect. He spent 2.5 years in research and development to figure out a way to dehydrate his broth and package it into single-serving tea bags, so consumers could enjoy our broths anytime and anywhere - simply steep one tea bag into 8 ounces of hot water.

Now, you can enjoy gourmet broth anytime, anywhere, without the need for bulky transportation or hours of stove cooking. The result – a gourmet broth that fits in the size of your hand, that is low-calorie, rich in antioxidants, convenient, affordable and delicious

In 2024, I took over The Art of Broth as CEO. This is a picture of my dad and I at our first trade show. I am excited to continue the family legacy and pave the way for a new category of hot beverages, that are savory, gourmet, better-for-you and delicious. Welcome to the Art of Broth family.

"Gourmet, to us, isn't about expensive-costs or time-consuming routines. It's about igniting a response—a moment to pause, savor, and reflect. Gourmet is the art of savoring, relishing something delightful, and treating yourself to a well-deserved moment of "Mmmm."